I found this photo while scrolling through lightroom a few weeks back and thought it would work great for the Warm Theme for Theme Thursday that was happening that week….

And then baby Nicholas arrived and I didn’t actually get a chance to post it.

This was taken on my trip to India in 2008. I want to say it was on one of the first nights I was there and my cousin and I were just hanging out on the cool tile floor. Not sure what we were doing with the lamp. Maybe it was during a non-electricity time, honestly I don’t remember.

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My Sunday Photos


My Sunday Photo


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The theme for this week was “Saturation” and I can say that I am definitely a lower-saturated-photograph kinda gal. I find that over saturation makes the pictures look too fake… But, actually in saying that out loud, lower saturation isn’t necessarily realistic looking either. But I do find I prefer it. 🙂

Raindrops in Monochrome

Dusting off this ol’ blog to {hopefully} start posting more photos. I have been finding myself with an abundance of photo things to post and would like to not completely photo-bomb the family blog…

It’s been extremely rainy here today. And I recently gifted myself an Olloclip and I was just itching to go out and try to photograph something up close.

I’m pretty sure my neighbors probably thought I was going crazy pointing my phone at the ground, but…. I’m happy with today’s outcomes, so I don’t really care 🙂

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O is for…

… Orange

orange (1 of 1) orange wall (1 of 1)


We had an appointment this morning, and while we were there the kids noticed the sun came out so they immediately started begging for the park right across the street.

They had been extremely good and mostly patient… as patient as four little guys 5 years and under can be. Plus we didn’t have any where we had to be so, as soon as we were done, off we went.

All I could see while we were there was “Orange”. 🙂


 ABC Wednesday 


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Scavenger Hunt Sunday {19 April}

Short on computer time today. So here’s the scavenger hunt finds!

From Above

scavhuntapril19 (1 of 3)

Park visit. Warm weather. Need I say more?

Drink of Choice

scavhuntapril19 (3 of 3)

This is definitely a drink I have to “choose” to drink. I normally would have done something like coffee because that’s about my only “drink”, but…. I use coffee a lot on here, so I thought I’d do something a little different.


scavhuntapril19 (2 of 3)

One of the first pieces of jewelry my husband gave me was his Marine Corps ring. He gave it to me before we were married… actually before we were even “officially” going to get married.



Local Catholic Newspaper. Still don’t know how we ended up receiving this, but it’s got it’s interesting tidbits.

I Found This

scavhuntapril19 (1 of 1)

Or, more appropriately: “She” found this hopscotch game on the sidewalk earlier this week on our way to the library. Love the half-dancing pose 🙂


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