My Sunday Photo ~ Nativity Play (11/365)

On the third day of Christmas….

We had our church’s Nativity Performance!

The angel in the photos is my daughter (I’m 99% sure she was supposed to be standing at this point, but to be fair, she is 5 and it was a full hour and a half past normal bed time… so I guess she can be forgiven). I love how she’s keeping an eye on her brother, “baby Jesus”.

holy fam and sitting angel1


holy fam and sitting angel2

I do plan to get the rest of the photos up over at the personal blog in the next few days. (*Plan* being the key word in that sentence…)


11 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo ~ Nativity Play (11/365)

  1. How absolutely wonderful, such a fabulous post. Must have been amazing to be there. Would be great to use the first photo in the BritMums snapshot round-up. If you’d like to be included could you send a high res version to me at

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