Weekend in Black and White {poinsettia}

So, I my new little addition arrived in the mail today! A set of macro filters!!! I love these. I used to have a set, which I accidently sold back to a local camera shop (honestly, I *still* can’t quite figure out how I managed to do that….). Anyway, I bought myself a set of these as a little Christmas gift to myself….. Someday I’d love to try out a *real* macro lens, but until my wallet agrees with me, that’ll just have to wait.







I didn’t realize how shallow the depth of field would be at 10+…. live and learn.

Linking at Weekend in Black and White, BW Photography Project and Macro Monday 2 

16 thoughts on “Weekend in Black and White {poinsettia}

  1. Ooh how exciting! You must be having great fun playing with these. Love the photos too, always enjoy getting up close to nature. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up #bwphotoproject

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