Colorful {23/365}

Following along with Greta and Alison for this week’s Through the Lens Thursday. Prompt today is Colorful.

I’ve mostly just been enjoying finding all sorts of multicolored groups of objects this week. Some I was able to capture, some I didn’t quite get organized enough for *ahem: 3-year-old that moves too fast*….

Anyways, I had fun trying out my macro filters on some Christmas Ornaments:

Creche Ornament

Also for posterity, the little ones (minus the baby) each made a handprint for us as a Christmas gift. This is the first time I’ve been on the receiving end of a project like this. I often have made handprint items for the grandparents, but not ever received any. These are special for this mama:

hand prints

In organizational news around the house, I emptied the basket that held these skeins of yarn to be used as shoe-hiders and blanket-hiders in the living room. Now things aren’t just scattered about the floor, they’re nicely hidden 🙂 #winningallaround, plus now I can actually *see* what yarn I have, whodathunk?


And this was the only photo in this collection actually taken today, so it is my entry for the 365 Project:


~Ruth Anne


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