Scavenger Hunt Sunday {18 Jan}

These projects have been proving a little harder than I thought they would… maybe I’m trying too hard? Or maybe I’m too picky? I dunno…. I’m gonna keep at it though, I enjoy the challenge.

Anyways, my entries for this week

 ~Starts with Jearings

I know technically this is only a pair of earrings, but still Jewelry (or this one could work for the prompt too)

(This is also my entry for the Macro memes)



This moment was just so sweet. The boy had a birthday party this week, and his sister made a present for him. She was SOOOOOOOOO excited to give it to him and he was so pleased with it. It’s a drawing of our family.

So sweet to see the kindness she shows him.



As I mentioned earlier in the week, we discovered some glow sticks in the overstuffed school closet. So we played with them. At one point we hung them on the play kitchen. Three glow sticks for Three hooks

~To Do~

to do list

I finally got around to copying out this little “to do/resolution” list. Yes, it’s by hand, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to connect our printer to the network, so…. basically I can’t access it (and can’t print).



These are my husband’s work boots. I had WAY too much fun taking pictures of them and editing them. Another version can be found in my B&W weekend post.


Prompts for next week:
1. Relax
2. In My Cup
3. Light
4. Looking Down
5. Weather

Linking With: Macro Monday 2, I Heart Macro


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