the red scarf {34/365}


My little guys have been loving playing outdoors this winter. Both of the  times the snow has begun falling they’ve donned their winter gear and headed out (nevermind the temperature).

Today it has been above freezing, so all the piles of ice they’ve been trying to break up for the last week have turned to mud, which means all their gear has become saturated. They have however figured out if they put stuff on/near the radiators it will dry… they don’t seem to mind if its dirty.

I’m almost bummed for them that it hasn’t snowed more, or snowed “for real” as we here in New England would say. Oh well, winter isn’t quite over, we’ll probably get a blizzard at the end of March or something crazy like that. 🙂

Photo was edited using KimKlassen’s Wednesday texture

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3 thoughts on “the red scarf {34/365}

    1. Thank you! I think radiators are my favorite normal form of heat (woodstoves are by far my first favorite, but that’s a dream that probably won’t ever see reality in this house)

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