Scavenger Hunt Sunday {1 Feb}

 ~Sweet Tooth~

sweet tooth

I shall totally just pretend that I didn’t eat that entire handful of m&m’s immediately following this photo….

{Macro shot}



These  numbers we bought because they were just the littlest bit nicer than the sticker numbers that are often stuck on the doors…. but…. you can’t actually see them through the storm door, never mind from the street…. so we have the stickers on the storm door for visibility and these here just because why not?


{Macro Shot}



This blanket belonged to Jared when he was little. His grandmother had made it for him. The first time I went down to meet his parents, his mom gave it to me for our yet to be born daughter.

So far all the kids have had at least one picture with it. I’ll keep it until my own daughter has a child and then pass it on to her 🙂

~I made this~

I made this

A few years ago I made a set of silhouettes for Jared for Christmas. These were transferred to wood and now sit above our windows/door in the living room.

I desperately need to do another set as we have added another family member since these were done.

{Shadow Shot Sunday}

~Saturday Morning~


Many of our Saturday mornings are spent at my parents. The kids LOVE (and who am I kidding, I do too) to go over and have breakfast… usually waffles and sausage.


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