My Sunday Photo/weekly roundup {8 Feb}



How it seems a good number of my photos happen. I started by taking a picture of something else…. and…. got distracted πŸ™‚

{365 Photo entry for the day}


Round-up of other 365 Photos for the week (since it’s getting late and I’d rather just do one post this evening)

As always, these all have their own posts, so feel free to click back to view them πŸ™‚

From top left (moving in rows)
1. Painting toe nails during the super bowl (I tried to be interested… really I did…Β and the end was great, but I honestly don’t watch sports all that much…)
2-5. still lifes
6-7. D is for… Daughter and doll house
8. Biscuits in a basket, just like mom used to do
9. veil and crucifix (I would love to say that this was a lovely pious moment, but…. I was more experimenting with the camera… I do actually practice veiling during Mass which I’ve written about on my personal blog here, if you’re so interested)
10-11. baby boy. eating. with newly washed hair.
12-15. parts of the scavenger hunt post that’ll be around tomorrow AM!



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7 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo/weekly roundup {8 Feb}

    1. I used a texture called “kim klassen – everyday” which I desaturated. The cup is pewter so it has a little bit of a silver glean in it to begin with. If you look under my blogroll page her site is listed there. If you subscribe to her blog she sends out a new texture usually once a week for free.

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