My Sunday Photo/weekly roundup {15 Feb}

tree in snow


You guys… it snowed again…

{365 Photo entry for the day}


Round-up of other 365 Photos for the week

As always, these all have their own posts, so feel free to click back to view them 🙂

From top left working in rows…

1. A different tree (from a different night)
2-4. Table set by a 5-year-old
5-6. E is for Eggs
7. Some artwork of my dad’s
8. Candy
9-10. {some} of my boys

Must try to do better next week. This week kinda felt like a flop.



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13 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo/weekly roundup {15 Feb}

    1. I guess the photos that made it to the blog weren’t so bad, but I think its more of a feeling of having a harder time coming up with interesting things to photograph, especially since we’ve basically been house bound the last few weeks. Thanks for the encouraging comment, (I know it’s cliche), but it actually means a lot 🙂

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