Scavenger Hunt Sunday {15 Feb}

And here’s another week of scavenger hunting. Dare I say, it’s becoming a little bit easier for me to keep up with the prompts? I mean I’m still mostly grabbing these shots on Saturday night, but I’m finding I don’t get stuck so often… finally working itself into a habit?

Have a restful Sunday everyone!

ย ~Writing~


This little one loves, loves, loves writing.



Yarn… is curly… would love to have a nice curly head shot of a child, but all my little ones have pin straight hair.



Crochet pattern for an afghan I’m in the process of making (two years and counting…)
Unintentional, two yarn photos in a row…

~My View~

snow collage

Hey look… more snow pictures from my front porch and back window (bottom right)…

Seriously, guys there’s another blizzard going on right now…



Daddy took her out for a Valentine’s lunch yesterday. She was So thrilled. So thrilled. ๐Ÿ™‚




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