My Sunday Photo/weekly roundup {21 Feb}



So, I thought I would jump on the icicle train. Although, compared to other houses I’ve seen around here these are relatively mild. They are however the biggest ones on our house and they didn’t appear until yesterday when it “warmed up”. I thought we would be lucky and escape them altogether, but then I remembered the gutter on that side of the house is just a little backed up (*ahem*…. ignoring problems that shoulda been taken care of over the summer…).

They don’t cause a huge problem, but they are over a particularly big pile of snow the kiddos like to play on, so I spent today trying to explain the dangers of playing under icicles… they weren’t impressed.

Anyways, another week.


Round-up of other 365 Photos for the week

As always, these all have their own posts, so feel free to click back to view them 🙂


From top left working in rows…

1. Writing (as part of the Scavenger Hunt)
2. A late-night “whoops I didn’t post a photo, quick what’s on my phone” entry for 365 Project. This is a flower that sits in a window looking out to our back door
3. F is for…. Frosting
4-5. Kiddo #2 reading to Kiddo #4
6-7. grass in the snow, and a slightly skewed panoramic of our back yard…
8-10. Silhouettes of the kiddos playing in the window.



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4 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo/weekly roundup {21 Feb}

  1. Wow you’ve had so much snow. I love the icicle photo with the sun trying to melt them

    Thank you for linking up

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