Scavenger Hunt Sunday {22 Feb}

Good Sunday afternoon to all, hope you’ve had a great week and are having a restful day. We’re hanging out watching the Daytona 500… Ok… hubby is watching it, I’m blogging while I have the opportunity to get on the computer. 😉

Alright, on to this week’s prompts!

 ~Makes Me Happy~

 makes me happy

Not the most spectacular photo ever taken, but when he holds him and they’re both smiling my heart just explodes with love and happiness ❤



This sun hidden, trying to come out from behind the clouds. This was taken through my sunglasses, but otherwise unedited.


{Also my photo for my 365 for today!}






Oh, just a modern child playing games on his Papa’s iPad…


f is for..

I know I’ve already used this photo on the blog in the past week or so,, but…. I gave up desserts for Lent and this was the last dessert I ate… five days in and almost all I can think about is cake…


Next Week’s Prompts:

  • 1. Soft
  • 2. Early
  • 3. Top
  • 4. Selfie
  • 5. A Dreaded Task



Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday (link above)


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