church in the snow {71/365}

St MIchaels in snow


I know I’ve used this church before. It happens to be across the street from our library, where in nicer weather we go at least once a week.

Anyways, I’ll spare the details of the horrendous parking situation (let’s leave it at: we’ll be going back once the roads are properly cleared, but not before then… at least not will all the kiddos). But I just love the way this building looks and the trees and the lampposts…

Should also mention that I *just* started working in Lightroom, and this took me WWWWWAAAAAYYYYYYY too long to edit how I wanted (all I did was convert to BW, adjust the exposure a little, and straighten out some lines…..) So, anyone have any good Lightroom “how tos”? I’m still not sure I’ll be keeping it, but if I do, I’d love for it to work well for me.

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