My Sunday Photo/weekly roundup {1 March}

reading (1 of 1)

two of my littles sharing a “quiet” moment this afternoon. (they’ll often read together, but usually they don’t put their heads like this)



Round-up of other 365 Photos for the week. I feel that I am taking less photos. Which is probably actually a good thing. Maybe it means I’m getting the shot I want closer to the first time instead of taking multiple images and not using them?

As always, these all have their own posts, so feel free to click back to view them ๐Ÿ™‚


From top left working in rows…

1. “hidden” (as part of the Scavenger Hunt)
2. 4 months for the baby!
3. Nightly reading
4. A local church in the snow, seen when we ventured out to the library (not to be attempted again, until the snow melts…)
5. He’s been enjoying watching his siblings
6. Crochet doily that’s sitting on my little end table.



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17 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo/weekly roundup {1 March}

  1. All great photos, but the main feature one is especially lovely, both technically and in the way it captures siblings reading together. Our three kids often do somethinmg similar – it makes my heart melt every time they do it.

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