Scavenger Hunt Sunday {22 March}

Another week, some more scavenger hunt finds…

What I Did Today


grocery shopping



I know I already used this photo last Sunday…. but the other picture I *thought* was going to work for “green”, just didn’t work at all….. so repeating. And I think I just love this photo, so….. 🙂



my little helper for my running errands this morning. She definitely had a good time, especially since one of the stops was to try on a bridesmaid’s dress.

In My Kitchen

in my kitchen

Halfway through making a chocolate cake for my husband’s birthday party this afternoon. This photo tells me two things: 1) I can’t cook/bake without making a mess 2) I should really learn the whole “plan ahead” thing….

Something Old


This tree stump is in our back yard. It was transferred from a site where they were clearing stumps. It serves as our “side table” for the fireplace



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