365 Project


January 10, 2015
Earlier today, my sister posted a picture of a baby sea turtle on her FB page with the caption in part

My intention is to fill up facebook with baby animals to break the saturation of negative images and videos

I want to follow this with posting my own images (mostly because they’re the most easily accessible to me). I invite you to do the same! And if you’re already doing that great!!

I’m not against knowing what’s going on in the world, but anyone can type “current events” into their search bar to find out about more suffering than they could possibly want to see. I don’t believe that that level of saturation is good for you though. So let us show some beautiful things!

January 3, 2015
I’ve been doing the 365 Project now for about two and a half weeks or so and while it’s going fine (still haven’t run out of things to photograph), I feel like it needs a little more “direction”. It’s pretty much just random at the moment.

I was thinking earlier this week about how there is so much violence and general ugliness in the world right now. I can’t get online without seeing multiple reminders of it.

I want this project to be a place of beauty. A place of peace. I find that it’s easy for me to let the negative emotions take hold of me, and I’d love to push those aside and let the beautiful things of life fill me instead.

And that’s my goal. Find something beautiful every day, and photograph it! (and share it here!).


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